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"Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration" is a blunder that's delivered by Windows association troubleshooter during this case, Windows users try and troubleshoot association issues because the local area network association stops operating for a few obscure reasons. whereas the system still obtains the association via wireless local area network adapter, shift to local area network causes a whole loss of web association.

The offender of the "Ethernet does not have a legitimate IP configuration" error is directly associated with the Network Interface Card (NIC).[2] NIC is connected to the router or electronic equipment via the local area network cable[3] and is a medium for communicating. Thus, just in case of the failure, NIC stops human activity with the router and transmission a legitimate IP address.

Method 1. Disable quick Startup

If you can not use local area network association all of an unexpected as a result of it's interrupted by the "Ethernet does not have a legitimate IP configuration" error, the highest choose resolution is to disable quick Startup, that is one in every of the Windows options reducing boot and startup time. To disable it, you've got to:

  • Right-click on Windows key and choose Power choices.
  • Select Power & Sleep on the left and scroll down till you see further Power Settings link.
  • Click on the extra Power Settings.
  • Now click on the opt for what the facility buttons do link within the left pane.
  • Select modification settings that square measure presently unprocurable link.
  • Now take away checkmarks next to show on quick startup (recommended).
  • Once you switch off quick Startup, click Save changes and shut the presently viewed window.
  • Reboot the system and check if the matter was resolved.

Method 2. Re-configure web Properties manually

The router is ready to assign the IP address mechanically by default. However, folks don't seem to be restricted from dynamical this selection. 

whereas some users might need to initiate the changes of the router's settings designedly, the others might need to be done that accidentally, that is why they can not relate the "Ethernet does not have a legitimate IP configuration" error to any necessary system's changes. to ascertain whether or not your router is ready to assign the IP address mechanically, you must perform these straightforward steps:

  • Press Windows key + R, type ncpa.cpl , and press Enter.
  • Once within the Network Association, right-click on Network Adapter.
  • Select Properties. currently local area network Properties window ought to occur.
  • Select the web Protocol Version four (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties at rock bottom of the window.
  • Once on the web Protocol Version four (TCP/IPv4) Properties, choose acquire associate degree IP Address mechanically and acquire DNS Server Address mechanically choices.
  • Once done, restart the router. Power it off, as well as electronic equipment if you're victimisation each.
  • Leave the router (and modem) disconnected for a minimum of 5 minutes and so flip it/them on.

Finally, wait a handful of minutes for the router to be organized and so check if the local area network association stopped showing the "Ethernet does not have a legitimate IP configuration" error.

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